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A color that matters

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and for that I wear a pink ribbon everyday. Knowledge is power and in this case it can also becomes the difference between life and death. Early detection of this desease is the key to fight it from the start with all the available tools, a monthly self breast exam it's easy and should be an habit for every woman. 
I could talk and talk about this because I've seen it close to me, the pain, the fight and the survival too but that's a story for another day.
For more information go to Pink Ribbon

Find me in the darkness

Title: Find Me In The Darkness
Rating:  PG-13
Pairings: Peter/Claire
Word Count: 491.
A/N: Written for the "Time" challenge at </a></b></a>pairechallenge. You only need to know the first Paire scene of S3, only spoiler in here. Reviews are LOVE!
Summary: You don’t know how hard you can fall, until you hit the ground. 

Death likes to play games with her, another visitor than never stays. Collapse )



let's make the best of our lives

Because it matters more than you can ever imagine, because no matter where you are it's the only valid form of expressing your opinion, voting gives you choices, casting your vote is a right, a duty and also a privilege (too many people have fought and died for giving you this opportunity), if you ever want anything to change, if you want to be heard instead of complaining of how your country is not what you want it to be, do something!

A real entry soon ;)


Fic: The moment just passes you by

Title: The moment just passes you by.
Rating:  PG-13
Pairings: Peter/Claire
Word Count: 962.
A/N: Written for the "Breathe" challenge at pairechallenge</lj> .
Mentions of S1 (this somehow fits in 5YG) and S2 finale.
The title is a quote from one of my favourites movies, ever.
Summary: 5 times Claire should have said I love you and the one she did.


The moment just passes you byCollapse )



Bringing sentences instead of gifts

Happy Birthday Baby M!

My dear girl, I know I wrote you an email already but this is your real gift, a little fic/drabble. 

Title: Long distance lullaby.
Characters: Jake and Peyton, mentions of others.
Word Count: 431.
Rating: PG.
A/N: This is for Mimi, because fluff is best gift right? 
Summary: In a not so distant future, they spend sometime on the phone. 

Fic: Walking through golden ages

Title: Walking through golden ages
Rating:  PG-13
Pairings: Peter/Claire
Word Count: 343.
A/N: Written for the "Speed" challenge at pairechallenge
Summary: Peter is tired of passing through lives and not living them. 




fic: too young

Title: Too young
Characters: Mohinder, Claire and Peter, mentions of others.
Word Count:  554
Rating: PG-13
Summary: AU after S1, Peter exploded in the sky, Nathan died and everybody else joined a crusade against The Company.
Spoilers: S1.
A/N: Unbetaed and needs a lot of polishing.



joy to the world

Only in case you didn't read it already:


A big hug to all of you, my dear friends.



fic: Ride my sleigh tonight?

Title: Ride my sleigh tonight?
Pairing: Angela with some Paire
Word Count:  250 words
Rating: R
A/N: Nobody wants to give me a beta for Xmas? *look* Written for the Santa suit prompt at 12daysofpaire
Sorry! I know it's a day late but I haven't been home since Thursday. 




fic: frozen in time

Title: Frozen in time
Characters: Peter and Claire
Word Count: 358 words
Rating: PG
A/N: without a beta and written in 20 minutes for the Snowfall prompt at 12daysofpaire, you'll have to excuse all the errors!